A line of subheading text © 2009 Osteopathy By The Bay All Rights Reserved Frequently Asked Questions: What to expect on the first visit? An initial consultation will last for 40 minutes to 1 hour. You will be asked to fill outa form with personal details and provide relevant information regarding your medical history. A thorough medical history will be taken by the Osteopath outlining the specifics of your pain and any general medical information. An examination is then performed including postural analysis, active and passive movement testing and palpation (feel with hands) in order to form a diagnosis. The patient may be required to remove superficial clothing for their examination and treatment (gowns are provided if required). Treatment depends on the individual and the diagnosis. Do I need a referral? You do not need a referral from your doctor to see an osteopath unless you have a Veteran Affairs gold or white card, or qualify through the Enhanced Primary Care program.   Can I claim for Osteopathic Treatment? If you have ‘extras’ with a private health insurer you have access to partial re-imbursement depending on your level of coverage. At our Mornington office we have HICAPS facility to claim your benefits on-the-spot. If you have a chronic condition you may qualify under the Enhanced Primary Care program. This allows those eligible to get up to 5 treatments per year that Medicare re-imburse a large proportion of the consultation fee. You need to be referred by a GP to qualify. What type of training does an Osteopath undertake?                         Osteopathic training in Australia consists of a minimum of five years at university and we are required to undertake continued education to satisfy registration criteria.   Is Osteopathic treatment safe during pregnancy?                        Osteopathic treatment is very safe during pregnancy, utilizing gentle techniques to help the body cope with the considerable changes throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. (Irene has a special “belly pillow” to allow you to lay on your stomach, otherwise it is very safe and effective to be treated laying on your side.)   What types of techniques are used during treatment?                        Treatment can consist of several of the following depending on the individual and diagnosis; soft tissue massage stretching functional joint articulation muscle energy trigger point therapy joint manipulation (gentle and only with consent)